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IVALVE TECH. (Tongling) co.,ltd. believes that only focus can guarantee us be professional enough to assist our valuable customers. With over 15 years rich experience in the valves designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting, IVALVE knows well of the valve quality and the high rank requirements, which leads us to pursue continuously and stably progressing and improving. Started from OEM service, with the stable developing, we have created our own trademark IVALVE and will be quite proud to be your loyal partner to assist you gain more and more profits & reputation with our high quality valves and best service. Now IVALVE sincerely desires to build up a global network with long term partners all around the world.

   IVALVE currently focus on the iron Valves for the water industry such as municipal and irrigation infrastructural applications: Resilient Seated Gate Valves; Metal Seated Gate Valves; Butterfly Valves: Double Eccentric type, Double flanged type, Wafer type, Lug type; Hydraulic Control Valves; Y Strainers; Air Release Valve; Check Valves: Swing Check Valves, Noozle Check Valves, Ball Check Valves, Wafer Check Valves; Foot Valves; DI pipe fittings.

-    Drinking water, Potable water, etc
-    Irrigation
-    Industrial processes
-    Fire protection
-    HVAC or compressed air
-    Central heating, Pressure or Vacuum


   IVALVE TECH. (TONGLING) CO.,LTD.   Tel: 0086 0562-5855899   Fax: 0086 562 6820566  
   Add:Shizishan Economic Zone, Qifeng Road 3636, Tongling, China Email:[email protected]
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